2 December 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 4

Body on the Mountain

Several hundred miles of tulips. The fetlock sunk in mud. Doing what we don't need to know about to the steel spines of the violets. To the dog's nipples hanging just off the dirt. To the jade chimes. Stone chimes. Water clock. Burned air. To your back-dimples and man-breasts. To the limping dog, the painted dog, the just-walking-away dog. A dog like your father's. A dog rubbed and fuchsia. It's just like you, dangling a whip because you can't be the countess. It's just like you to give four bad horses to a dying woman.

About the author:

Sarah Vap has taught creative writing, poetry workshops and composition classes at ASU, Phoenix College, and the Writer's Voice. She has won many awards for her publications, including the Katherine C. Turner Award from the Academy of American Poets in 2003. She was also the Invited Poet at the 2003 Lithuania Spring Poetry Festival. Sarah has been a Poetry Editor with 42opus since Vol. 4, No. 3.

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