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22 October 2005 | Vol. 5, No. 3

The Week in Renovation: Saturday

What is the figure three

to me but a theory for

making a plot? If I could

be a character with a mind

to find inside my own head

the path from A to B,

would I not always be turning

around to say: here I am?

How did this happen again? Tomorrow,

I will go to the warehouse.

God only knows what they'll keep

in there when it's not being

used to hold us: Our upturned

eyes, our opened mouths, an uncemented

aggregate of song.

About the author:

Carolyn Guinzio's book West Pullman won the 2004 Bordighera Poetry Prize and will appear in a bilingual English/Italian edition this year. A new manuscript was one of ten finalists for the 2005 Del Sol Press Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Indiana Review, Luna, New American Writing, Octopus, Colorado Review, Willow Springs, and elsewhere. Carolyn has an MFA from Bard College and has received awards from the Illinois Arts Council, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Kentucky Arts Council among others.



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