5 April 2006 | Vol. 6, No. 1

7 from Atlas Peripatetic


   the caw sharp

as an eclipse, cuts

        deft arcs, opens up

        the still morning

                 again and again

           cries with mouth full,

      deer fat in tongue pouch

    even at a distance

the voice in clear focus

     just smaller, fractal

       (remembers where the food is,

             eleven ounces a day)

About the author:

Poet and sound artist, Glenn Bach's current project, Atlas Peripatetic, is an extended poem sequence inspired by an extensive mapping of sounds on his morning walk. Excerpts have appeared in such journals as Aught, DIAGRAM, hutt, jubilat, Shampoo, and in future issues of Dusie and mprsnd. He also edits the website pedestrianculture.com.

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