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9 March 2006
fiction, short story, classic

And then, after six years, she saw him again.


1 April 2006
fiction, short story, classic

Although Bertha Young was thirty she still had moments like this when she wanted to run instead of walk, to take dancing steps on and off the pavement, to bowl a hoop, to throw something up in the air and catch it again, or to stand still and laugh at—nothing—at nothing, simply.


20 May 2006
fiction, short story, classic

And after all the weather was ideal.

Interview with Cynthia Hogue  by MARISOL TERESA BACA

5 March 2006
nonfiction, interview

As a rule, I'm an intuitive and exploratory poet. I'm interested in the discovery…

Echolalia Four: Brazil  by TODD FREDSON & SARAH VAP

Yeats found patterns in the rhythm of a place, changes in pitch,            the boat is a song—it is locations.

7 from Atlas Peripatetic  by GLENN BACH

5 April 2006

   the caw sharp

as an eclipse, cuts

        deft arcs, opens up…

Diagonal View of a Rectangular Door  by LILY BROWN

23 March 2006

I pried myself

from chaos here.

We are things like trees or dogs.

Ecological Others  by LILY BROWN

20 March 2006

I ruined us. I thought

me a bottle gentian, you a bumblebee.

Instead we competed.

Goodbye mutualism, I said, goodbye symbiosis.

Turtle, Turtle, Loon  by LILY BROWN

17 March 2006

All I think is watch the I

and the I takes over. I'm so sick

of branches equal limbs

equal my legs and arms…

One Half Shed as Though in Front  by JULIE DOXSEE

11 May 2006
poetry, editors' select

& if he died I would hold love

in the cracks below the heart, a caged

hand waiting to enfold its animal…

Pleasing the Omen  by JULIE DOXSEE

14 May 2006

Perhaps today's wind will release sheep onto a mountain you love…

They Are Hungry for Dry Airs  by JULIE DOXSEE

17 May 2006

the man empties his angel, meets a worn version of his daughter's face…

Aziz Salih Al-Numan (K)  by JEFF ENCKE

29 April 2006

            Postcards from Eugene

suggestive of definition

                        fate, an odor

from the table beside me…

Latif Nusayyif Jasim Al-Dulaymi (10)  by JEFF ENCKE

2 May 2006

Never a lover

            I kept you

in the feretory of my heart

alongside other relics…

Sa'd Abdul-Majid Al-Faisal Al-Tikriti (3)  by JEFF ENCKE

26 April 2006

admission meaning death

at the hands we love…

Speaking Honestly About You  by LANE FALCON

24 May 2006
poetry, prose poem, elegy

Your mother calls on what would have been your 24th birthday. Yanking each word from the flowerbed of her gut…


29 March 2006

It would be much simpler

to sleep with a composition of wheat.

Near dreaming horses.

casual poem: mute–unmute  by CHRIS GILPIN

30 May 2006

TV ads for new trucks

more horsepower, more durability, more torque.

a stranger, a near stranger…

The Seeker  by CYNTHIA HOGUE

2 March 2006
poetry, editors' select

For my calling I crawl,

vermin-like, through a glade with a battalion of burnt

tanks, their guns every which-way, matchsticks.

April 19, 1967  by AMANDA LAUGHTLAND

14 April 2006

Stayed two nights in Yuma

with Paul and Marie. A good rest.

500 miles today.

January 24, 1948  by AMANDA LAUGHTLAND

11 April 2006

We're heading south

toward the border, but snow

keeps following us.

Apprehension  by D. H. LAWRENCE

17 April 2006
poetry, classic, rhyme

And all hours long, the town

  Roars like a beast in a cave…

On That Day  by D. H. LAWRENCE

18 April 2006
poetry, classic, rhyme

  On that day

I shall put roses on roses, and cover your grave

With multitude of white roses…

Self-pity  by D. H. LAWRENCE

19 April 2006
poetry, classic

I never saw a wild thing

sorry for itself.

Auckland from Mt Eden  by FIONA LYONS

26 March 2006

…everything abstract that made you intransitive

lovely Frankenstein.

A creature without distance…


11 March 2006

                                    it's the soap again

slipping out the window

                        pigeon-holed an antonym

            of clean; what do you

                                    cling to…


14 March 2006
poetry, editors' select

The little mouse has claimed the kitchen, spread out like a rind,

and under the cedar beam is you: a tent, sturdy as that—with people through the slit

that mimics a shy face in profile

determined not to full-on.

Erin with the Feathered Hair  by KARYNA MCGLYNN

8 April 2006

In summer, I remember where I'm from and why

my knees smell like yellow onions—

why you, Erin, are standing in my living room

straddling your brother's outgrown Huffy—

you want me back in the cul-de-sac badlands.

Recognizing My Mother's Hair in a Silent Film  by NICHOLAS READING

5 May 2006

If I had a fedora's

starched heart I'd stir a horn in the streets

to announce our bourgeois surrender.

The Beechwood Story  by NICHOLAS READING

8 May 2006

There is a mother that loves you

despite the sum of your parts.

She really is hefting gravel and gravel

just to heft gravel.


27 May 2006

She can only imagine cars

on the highway. Thinks they must glint like boats

on a blue harbor. She can only imagine boats

on a blue harbor.

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