8 May 2006 | Vol. 6, No. 1

The Beechwood Story

There is a mother that loves you

despite the sum of your parts.

She really is hefting gravel and gravel

just to heft gravel. These things

are true. The gravel is loaded into

the carriage while dogs snag legs

from the brush. Father is father.

The sisters laugh and point to a flower

and then to the pile of shit. "Someday,"

says mother, "This will all be yours."

The rain in Indiana is thick. The sky

gives up like the rest of us. "Mother,"

I have asked before and now again,

"Where to with these babies? Their

bellies are cold." Night is a curtain.

Our faces are the bough in the wind.

The family is scattered about the fire.

Burn some arm. A log from years ago.

About the author:

Formerly the fiction editor for Sycamore Review, Nicholas Reading is now an MFA poetry candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University. His poetry is forthcoming in the New Orleans Review, Sonora Review, and Zone 3.

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