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2 November 2006 | Vol. 6, No. 3

Broken Sonnet to the Building Super

Mr. Fix-It, you're no passkey Schneider,

eager to put your key in my Julie.

Oh, but say the word, my big star lucky —

I'll curtsey like a love-hungry spider.

Big Lug, let's chip in for the soda pop.

I'll recap the sitcom laughs. You can blow

a birthday kazoo. I'll can-can in shows

Rockettes have no legs for. Forget to shop

around. I'm your dance card apple butter,

your church wedding altar star. Unlock the

safety from my honeymoon dart gun. Grip me,

spider-lover. Don't vibe and ring. Under

the lonesome fire escape we'll warm our toes.

Now wiggle off that work shirt. I'm so close.

About the author:

Ash Bowen currently lives in a small apartment behind a high school football stadium. On Friday nights, he roots for the quietest team. He is a first-year MFA student and has work appearing or forthcoming in Rattle, Diner, Pebble Lake Review, and elsewhere.



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