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14 May 2007 | Vol. 7, No. 1

After a Wedding.

for Josh and Amber

Dusk and a group of balloons deflating

onto a packed runway. It's defeating.

Plane after plane noses by them in time

before leaving. From the sky, my flight's arc

limits the city's pulse into a line

of lights nudging passengers through the dark.

The landscape one's perception will invent

is incredible. A couple's dissent

may travel upward silently. This height

hones their home down to a spark: one sharp speck

under the night's violet dome. Its gumption

spots my perspective—a case of how stuck

a sight can be. With memory less slight,

the balloons allow each plane's ascension.

About the author:

Kevin Stoy will soon receive his MFA in poetry from George Mason University. His poems have most recently appeared in Eucalyptus, Triplopia, and Stirring. He will be teaching again this spring at the University of Michigan's New England Literature Program.



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