28 December 2006 | Vol. 6, No. 4

Year in Review: My Favorite Poems of 2006

Of the many, many poems we've published over the course of 2006, the following eight are the pieces that moved me most—the ones that I most wished I had written instead and that I most shared with friends. I want to bring attention to each once more before 2006 trades out with 2007.

Thanksgiving Prayer Girl by Jason Bredle

The Seeker by Cynthia Hogue

Though by Kristi Maxwell

One Half Shed as Though in Front by Julie Doxsee

Patience by Rebecca Givens

Two Halves: Elegy for One Summer's Dawn by Keith Montesano

Eulogy by Paul Guest

An Oracle Concerning the Melancholic Concubine by Jill Alexander Essbaum

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